20 Crockpot Meals in 2 Hours

You’ve pinned it on pinterest.  Don’t deny it.  “I’m totally going to do that!”  “What a great idea!”  But, really, how many items that you’ve pinned have you actually tried?  That’s what I thought…  🙂

But, good news – I tried this one!  And I’ve got all the tips and secrets for you before you actually try it yourself!

The whole process was seemed worth it (I’ll know for sure when I actually eat the food).  It took almost two hours to the minute to do this (not including dishes – more on that later).  BUT, John did it with me.  And this didn’t seem to be a project where we were in each others way.  Therefore, I think it would have taken much longer if I had done it myself.

So, the process…

First, even though there is a shopping list, I’d recommend reading through and getting familiar with the recipes.  That way when you’re reading through the recipes and one says, “sprinkle meat with meat tenderizer” you don’t get confused as to how this tool you just purchased will help:


Apparently meat tenderizer is also a kind of seasoning-thing.  Who knew?!

Shopping list suggestions:

  • Buy an already minced jar of garlic.  John made fun of me for this.  But seriously, who wants to mince 20-some garlic cloves.
  • Buy lime juice instead of limes.  Again, if I had read the recipes and saw that I had to juice them I would have just bought juice.  Squeezing limes smells good, but is a pain.


I was short on three ingredients.  The first was honey.  This was my fault.  I assumed that my 1/2 full honey bear was sufficient.  It wasn’t.  Second was garlic.  I got the middle sized jar (you’re welcome for the specificity) at Target and it wasn’t enough.  Third was soy sauce.  The shopping list said to get a big jar or two small ones.  I only saw one size – the size I’ve always encountered – and assumed it was the large one.  It wasn’t.  Just get two.  I had to go back to the store to get these three things.  That was a drag.

For step one of the processes, I labeled all the bags.  I wrote the name of the meal and any other instructions to finish the meal, i.e. make gravy with the liquids or add milk and biscuits.  I also included notes on recommendations on what to serve it with, generally rice.

Next we prepped the veggies.  All there was to do was chop LOTS of onions and dice carrots.  John tackled the onions and I did the carrots.  The diced carrots were only for one meal, so I put them in their bags immediately.


Next, we put all the meat in their respective bags.  This was icky.  I don’t know much about types of meat – and hate that they have more than one name.  So, I had to get help from the meat man when purchasing the goods.  I wrote on the shopping list next to each meat item the name on the package I bought (because they were NOT the same).  This made the meat sorting much easier.

Next, we just went recipe by recipe and added the rest of the ingredients.  As we finished each bag we put it in the freezer.


And that was it!  Super simple.  Another great part of this process, it only resulted in a small amount of dishes: a couple bowls, a cutting board, two knives and measuring cups and spoons!


I’m super pumped to try these recipes.  I’m very picky on my food and like to eat the same things (pulled pork and ranch chicken wraps anyone?).  Because this shopping list was already put together, I was too lazy to modify any of the recipes.  So, I’m forced to try new things!

After I eat all these I want to try the 40 meals in 4 hours.  The recipes look a tad yummier.

I’ll update as I try each one!

See my updated tips post here.

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One thought on “20 Crockpot Meals in 2 Hours

  1. cooking says:

    Good info. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it for later!

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