New Year. New Goals.

It’s going to happen.  2017 is going to have moxie.

We’re going to have the most adorable flower girl ever.  Prepare to “awwwwww.”

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Just got this email:


So I bought these:


They’re kind of bright.  But I’m going to love them anyway.

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I’ve been taking a picture after completing day one of each running week.  Last night I dropped my phone and cracked my screen right over the front camera.  No more easy selfies.  Weeks 9+ are going to be very off-center.  But I’m going to do them!

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Today I started week 8 of my running plan!  I was DREADING today’s run.  The first run of week 8 was the same as week 7 because this is an “easy recovery week.”  Day one last week was a terrible, no good, rotten day.  My shins hurt, my thighs hurt, my back hurt.  I was very, very close to giving up 3/4 of the way through – but then I told myself that I didn’t want to come back and do this again and made myself finish.  So, going back and doing the same run this week has been dragging on me (which is why I waited until Wednesday to give it a try).  I’m also sick and decided to run to try to sweat out the sickness – I wasn’t sure I’d be able to breathe…  But guess what!  It was almost easy!  I had no pains the entire run!  The only problem I had was that the treadmill stopped twice – once because if you don’t change the time it automatically starts cool down at 20 minutes, and the second time because my stomach hit the emergency stop button.  OK, blabbering done.  It’s a good day.

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I’m a Runner.

That’s right.  I said it.  I’m a runner.  I have consistently run three times a week for 7 weeks now.  I have logged 54.54 miles in the last 7 weeks.  To those of you who run often, that’s not a lot.  But it’s a freaking lot for me.

However, I still hate every second it of.  Every. Single. One.  I have to drag myself to the gym.  My shins hurt.  My thighs hurt.  My sides hurt.  My back/shoulders hurt.  Everything hurts!  But I will do it.

I have six weeks left in this plan.  I know I’ll complete it.  However, then I’m not sure what’ll happen.  I hope that because the weather will be warmer I’ll be inclined to find some places to run outside with Annie.

Also, yesterday I ran in pearls!


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Last night..

…I had an avocado ranch on my taco salad and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Avocado + Ranch = amazeballs

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Another Wedding Post…

…with more bullets!

But first, FOUR months to go!  I’m sups excited.

Updates since my last wedding post:

  • We’re all ready to go with the band!  I’m so excited!
  • We’ve picked our baker!  We’re going with Miss Sara’s Cakery.  She was super nice and had some really awesome cupcake decorating ideas.  We’re going with cupcakes for all the guests, and getting a 6″ cake to cut.  The flavors were uncomparable!  We picked: chocolate mint, zesty lemon, creamy white, and amaretto.  Be excited (if you think you’re invited 😉 ).
  • We registered at one store, two to go!


New news:

  • I’ve ordered my shoes!  They’re SUPER cute and I’m so excited.  I plan to wear them everyday so I can wear them with no problem on wedding day.
  • We met with our stationary lady.  It was productive.  I’m hopeful she’ll get drafts to us soon…
  • Three of five bridesmaid dresses are in!
  • Nothing else…  I know there is more.  But I can’t think about it.


To do list:

  • Finish registering!
  • Continue with pre-marital counseling.
  • Meet with the videographer.
  • Get invitations finalized.
  • More, more, and more!
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Touch Mudder Update

I posted this a couple weeks ago.  My brother’s girlfriend pointed out that it would likely result in bruises which might not be wedding friendly.  I’m thankful/disappointed/undecided for another excuse other than I’m lazy…

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